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Historic Piedmontese pastry shop in the heart of Turin

Gaudenti is a new idea of a café and pastry shop in Turin born in 2017 from the culinary imagination of the brothers Marco and Laura Bonomi whose headquarters are in the historic Peyrano premises in Turin, under the arcades of Corso Vittorio Emanuele II.

Upon entering you are greeted by an inviting and comfortable environment, where you can see counters full of sweet and savory delicacies: a bistro with a welcoming atmosphere in which to stop for a longer break than the classic "coffee on the fly".


The classic and refined taste of Turin's artisanal pastry making and the Italian confectionery tradition meet in simple contaminations, such as pastiera with drops of gianduja.


The furniture creates interesting contrasts to find the right balance between aesthetics and optimal use of the spaces: between the counter area and the two rooms, one small like a wedding favor, the other larger and more majestic suitable for private receptions .


In 2020, in defiance of the events, the owners wanted to combine a culinary proposal with the already established pastry shop by creating a kitchen nestled between the rooms. A winning choice! Lunch served in the rooms or under the porticoes has become a Gaudenti must.


It is through attention to all these details that Gaudenti has created a format that combines the typical dimension of Italian pastry making with the more international one of bakery. The traditional values of the Made in Italy confectionery culture meet with a desire for renewal also visible among the menu proposals, all enriched by the unique flavor of a good espresso coffee signed by Caffè Vergnano.


From the Press


“Gaudenti 1971 is a new format that combines the dimension of Italian pastry making with the more international one of bakery“


“Recipes to drink with coffee and chocolate, pan pizza and an ad hoc gastronomic proposal”


“Looking for the adjective pleasure-loving in the dictionary you will find the wording “person who loves to enjoy the comforts and pleasures of life”.

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